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Surgeons Need Medical Device Sales Reps

It always amazes me when a surgeon says he doesn’t meet reps, he is not interested in new technology or doesn’t need our help. The honest truth is that there is not a single item in the Hospital that is not sold by a Medical sales rep. Let me repeat that…THERE IS NOT A SINGLE ITEM IN A HOSPITAL THAT WAS NOT SOLD BY A SALES REP. Surgeons don’t make products in their garage. Medical products don’t magically appear in the OR for the surgeon to use. Products are not dropped off by a mysterious surgical device angel. Each and every product used in the hospital is created by a company and sold by a medical sales professional. The salesperson is not just important to a hospital and operating room, they are vital. Without sales professionals and medical device reps healthcare would not exist. Without sales reps: Hospitals would not be built, ambulances would not exist, people would have no reason to be doctors, nursing would not be a profession, and surgery would not be an option.

Become a Medical Device Sales Master.

Let me help you understand why sales reps are critical to EVERYTHING in Healthcare. Hopefully this helps you understand why sales reps are so important to healthcare. This is what we sale:

• The land that the Hospital is built on. Sold by a rep.

• The parking lot, grass, trees, and flowers that surround the hospital. Sold by a rep

• The wood, steel beams, insulation, roofing, and everything it takes to build the hospital. Sold by a rep.

• The carpet, tile, paint, bathrooms, toilets, showers, lights, hand dryers, sinks, plumbing. You get the point…If you can see it in a hospital, it was sold by a sales professional.

I’m not finished, let’s talk about what is used in hospitals and operating rooms.

• The operating rooms, the lights, the beds, the cabinets, the monitors, the doors, the sinks…Reps

• The gloves, the hats, the scrubs, the glasses, the drapes, the body coverings, the masks, the cleaning supplies…All sold by Reps.

• Every single item that touches the surgeon or the patient was sold by a medical sales professional.

• It is estimated that there are over 100 million products sold in order for healthcare to thrive.

The next time a Surgeon tells you they don’t see sales reps or they don’t need new products, they are lying. If Medical and Surgical Sales reps didn’t exist, healthcare would be in the dark ages.

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